Today’s post is inspired by a client who got in touch with me to get some advice on a possible job/career change. Next year, I will be celebrating 20 years in financial services in South Africa! Over this period, I have had my fair share of job and career changes. From this experience, I can safely say that starting a new job/career is an exciting time with many new and rewarding challenges. Nowadays, it is often said, most people will have had 7 job changes by the time they retire (if they believe in retirement). Given this, I must confess that I already have had far more than 7 job changes and retirement is still very far away. Now that the secret is out, what advice did I give the client?

I always say that the best time to search for or consider a new job or career is when you are already employed because you are more marketable and desirable. This gives you the opportunity to make comparisons without any pressure.

Career/Job Change Decision-Making Inventory – Part 1

  1. Identify what is driving your job/career change. Is it “push” factors such as the following?
  • Boss or colleagues
  • Company’s culture
  • Company’s values
  • Salary
  • Lack of challenge in your current job
  • Unfulfilled ambition
  1. Identify the “pull” factors driving your job/career change.
  2. Explore what you need in an employer and work environment, not just in a new job/career to establish the type of employer or environment you thrive in.
  3. What is your history with job/career changes?
  • What mistakes have you made before?
  • What good decisions have you made before?
  • What lessons have you learnt?
  1. From whom have you sought advice on the job/career change?

Career/Job Change Decision-Making Inventory – Part 2

Frankly Speaking, a career/job change must be the result of some deep thinking. Here are some questions to consider as you put on your thinking cap.

  1. What is your purpose?
    • How is the career/job change aligned to your purpose?
  2. What are your career goals?
    • How is the career/job change aligned to your career goals?
  3. How long have you seriously considered making a job/career change?
  4. Have you explored other options to a job/career change?
  5. What do you like about your current position/career that you will miss?
  6. What don’t you like or would you like to change? Can you change it?
  7. Are your skills a good match for the job/career you are considering?
  8. What are the future opportunities in your current job/career?
  9. What are the future opportunities in your new job/career?
  10. Will you consider a counter offer from you current employer?

What do you think about this advice? What factors have you considered in your past career/job changes?