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Improving Employee Financial Wellness

How will this help my organisation?

How does financial stress impact employee engagement?


Financial Stress

As an employer, we know you’re aware of financial stress – the phrase appears daily in media coverage of money issues. But do you have a clear idea of the effect of financial stress on your employees?

Research shows that financial stress is consistently rated one of the most damaging stressors and leads to anti-social behaviour, relationship conflict and breakdown, isolation, sleep loss and symptoms of depression.

It’s also associated with low employee engagement at work in multiple studies and there are correlations between poor mental and physical health and financial stress.

Did reading that increase your stress levels? We hope not. Regardless, we’re here to help.

At Thrive, we combine data and behavioural psychology to provide personalised, sales-free, unbiased and confidential financial education to employees and their families. We offer evidence-based financial wellness coaching, and give real-time feedback to clients.

Reducing financial stress and improving the financial wellness of South Africans really matters to us.