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Meet Frank

Meet Dr. Frank Magwegwe, Ph.D., CFP®

In 1992, Dr. Frank Magwegwe was homeless, broke and unemployed.

Today, Dr. Frank Magwegwe, Ph.D., CFP® is the Founder and Managing Director of Frankly Speaking, corporate & personal development specialists and Thrive Financial Wellness, employee financial education and wellness specialists.

Dr. Magwegwe is a financial life planner, educator, and coach with a passion for helping individuals and families to thrive and flourish in life and not just live, through the development of a sense of purpose and good financial habits. Helping people flourish and thrive in life is what drives him every day.

Dr. Magwegwe’s work has been featured on SABC Morning Live, eNCA, CNBC Africa and on Talk Radio 702, CapeTalk, SAFM, PowerFM, and KayaFM, and in City Press, The Financial Planner, Personal Finance, and Today’s Trustee, and many other media outlets and professional magazines.

Dr. Magwegwe’s journey from the streets to a personal financial planning doctorate from Kansas State University, USA is a story of fighting to remain visible as homeless, broke and unemployed young man. It is also a story of resilience, resourcefulness, hope, courage, compassion, persistence, purpose and above all the power of the human spirit described by the late Dr. Sherwin Nuland, author and surgeon as follows:

“By the human spirit, what I mean is the ability that each one of us has to be something greater than herself or himself; to arise out of our ordinary lives and achieve something that at the beginning we thought perhaps we were not capable of.”

Dr. Magwegwe’s Milestones


Unemployed and broke
Almost became a farm-worker
Barman at Kirkwood Hotel
Fired for drinking on the job
Bye-bye Kirkwood

Hello Bloemfontein
Unemployed, broke and homeless

Hello Johannesburg


Unemployed, broke and homeless
Fruit and vegetable vendor
Fruit and vegetable business

1994 - 1997

Hello Wits University

1998 - 1999

Quants analyst
Risk manager

2000 - 2001

Equity derivatives trader


Founded Foremost Futures (Pty) Ltd


Foremost Futures (Pty) Ltd fails
Unemployed and broke

2002 - 2003

Head: Derivatives Trading & Structuring

2004 - 2007

Business development – asset management

2007 - 2010

Head of institutional business: asset management

2010 - 2016

CEO: linked investment services provider
COO: wealth business
Segment CEO: retail insurance


AMP (Harvard Business School)

2016 -present

Founded Frankly Speaking (Pty) Ltd and Thrive Financial Wellness (Pty) Ltd
Regular media appearances


Ph.D. (Kansas State University, USA)