What is Financial Wellness?

It’s when an individual has achieved the following:

  • Minimal financial stress
  • Spending less than they earn
  • Saving for emergencies and the future
  • Protection of income and assets from loss
  • Ongoing plans to secure their financial future
  • Relationship with money that fits their lifestyle and values

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Workforce Financial Wellness Assessment

Workforce Financial Wellness Assessment

  • Represents the company’s financial wellness report card
  • Aggregates answers from all employees’ financial wellness assessments
  • Segments results by age, income, gender and location
  • Assessment results used to design relevant financial education topics and coaching paths

Financial Coaching/Counselling

  • Telephonic or face-to-face
  • Coaches are certified financial planners and provide accountability
  • No sales environment – focus is on helping employees
  • Coaching helps with goal setting, financial challenges and developing new financial habits
  • Personalised coaching paths
Financial CoachingCounselling
Financial Education Workshops

Financial Education Workshops

  • On-site classes delivered by certified financial planners using a combination of informative presentations, dynamic group discussions and quiet personal reflection
  • Variety of topics offered ranging from basic money management to retirement preparedness
  • Topics based on the Workforce Financial Wellness Assessment
  • Flexible in delivery format, ranging from a few hours to a full-day workshop
  • Can be integrated into workplace Lunch n’ Learn, employee induction or any other employee learning programmes

Ask Thrive™

  • Unlimited, on-demand access to our certified financial planners
  • Financial planners provide quick answers to financial questions and work with employees to resolve financial crisis or to tackle financial challenges
Ask Thrive
Online Financial Education

Online Financial Education

  • Access to financial articles, tips, videos, calculators, and more
  • Empowers employees to act to improve their financial situation
  • Assists with creation of personalised financial action plans
  • Personalised to each employee, designed to drive action and easily accessible
  • Employees track their financial wellness score over time


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