Frank Magwegwe


Thrive is lead by founder Dr Frank Magwegwe, CFP®, financial life planner, educator, social scientist, and employee financial education and wellness expert. He is also an award-winning professional speaker.

Frank studies financial worry, financial anxiety, financial stress, financial help-seeking, financial literacy, professional financial planning, retirement preparedness, and employee financial education. His research paper, Theory of Planned Behaviour & Retirement Preparation, won the 2018 AFCPE Outstanding Symposium Research Paper award.

Our Team

While we have different interests, we’re all incredibly passionate about Thrive’s mission, growth and success.

The dynamic members of our team are active participants in the accomplishment of our mission through their work, ideas, and enthusiasm. We employ a talented mix of individuals who are driven by a desire to provide financial wellness to employees from all walks of life whom we care deeply about. We believe that, by doing so, we will build a financially healthy society.

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Wellness Academic Adviser

Dr Sonya (Britt) Lutter

Dr Sonya (Britt) Lutter is an Associate Professor of Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University. She enjoys the opportunity to combine her skills in marriage and family therapy (M.S.) and financial planning (Ph.D.) in what is termed financial therapy.

Dr Lutter is known for her groundbreaking research in the physiological assessment of stress in a financial planning and counseling setting. Her other research interests include the theoretical development of money issues within marriage, predictors of money arguments and their influence on relationship satisfaction and divorce, effectiveness of financial literacy efforts, and assessment of money beliefs and behaviors in the financial planning and counseling setting.

Dr Lutter’s research has been quoted in Kiplinger’s (August 2012), InvestmentNews (July 2010 and March 2012), The Wall Street Journal (December 2011), and the New York Times (May 2011) to name a few.

Our wellness academic adviser is also co-editor of two books. The first, Student Financial Literacy: Campus-Based Program Development, is co-edited with Dr Dorothy Durband and leads readers through the process of developing or enhancing financial literacy programmes for college students. The second is Financial Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice with Dr Brad Klontz and Dr Kristy Archuleta, which provides the groundwork for the new field of financial therapy.

Thrive aims to provide financial wellness at scale. To help build on this goal, we offer access to our revolutionary financial wellness platform to a network of respected nonprofit organisations.