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Entrepreneur Frank Magwegwe


Frank’s first business was selling fruit and vegetables at corner Plein & Wanderers Streets in downtown Johannesburg. Through this business Frank “beat the odds” and “escaped” homelessness. Not all of Frank’s business ventures have been a success. His second business, Foremost Futures, a derivatives trading and structuring business folded within 12 months back in 2002. During his time in at various financial services companies, Frank was involved in many intrapreneurial activities.  Today, Frank is the Founder and CEO of the Frankly Speaking Group that has a few subsidiaries:

Frankly Speaking

Frank is a proven business leader who is also a powerful speaker—not just a speaker who knows something about business! With 20 years’ financial services experience, including C-suite experience, Frank is a seasoned business leader, entrepreneur and speaker who partners organisations to bring the best out of their people through Frankly Speaking, his speaking and consulting business. Most of his speaking and consulting is focused on his four keynote speeches – Life. Obstacles. You. ™, Life. Change. You. ™, Life. Purpose. You. ™, or Life. Money. You. ™

Frankly Speaking Financial Planning

Frankly Speaking Financial Planning is one of the few fee-only financial advisory businesses in South Africa. The business’ mission is to be an unbiased advocate in helping people make wise financial decisions that contribute to their prosperity, happiness and moves them beyond just living to thriving. This is achieved through going beyond the numbers to understand our clients’ relationship with money, objectively assessing their current situation, and offering appropriate advice that meets both their financial and non-financial needs and enriches their lives.

Frankly Speaking Financial Coaching

Frankly Speaking Financial Coaching’s mission is to promote sustainable long-term behaviour change through partnering employers to offer employees in financial stress financial coaching services. Our financial coaches offer immediate, fact based guidance – confidentially and compassionately – to help employees make better financial decisions day after day, and thus the foundation for a better financial future. Our financial coaches help employees with financial matters ranging from crisis-type issues – such as repossessions, credit judgments and garnishee orders – to budgeting and savvy shopping, understanding credit reports and setting simple saving goals.

Frankly Speaking Entrepreneurship

Frankly Speaking Entrepreneurship seeks to connect and ultimately partner with fellow like-minded start-up entrepreneurs to develop and research new ideas that advance financial empowerment and economic citizenry by creating solutions that deliver financial wellness and financial coaching at scale.

Thrive Financial Wellness

Thrive Financial Wellness’ mission is to help the people and organisations we serve to thrive. We achieve this by partnering organisations to offer financial wellness as an employee benefit. Our revolutionary financial wellness platform, FinWellVolution™ is tailored to each client’s needs and personalized for each participant. We focus on financial empowerment through helping people to develop the skills and knowledge the need to live better financial lives. We strive to reduce day-to-day financial stress and anxiety by helping people adopt both short-and –long –term financial behaviours that contribute to securing their financial future.