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Entrepreneur Frank Magwegwe


Frank’s first business was selling fruit and vegetables at corner Plein & Wanderers Streets in downtown Johannesburg. Through this business Frank “beat the odds” and “escaped” homelessness. Not all of Frank’s business ventures have been a success. His second business, Foremost Futures, a derivatives trading and structuring business folded within 12 months back in 2002. During his time in at various financial services companies, Frank was involved in many intrapreneurial activities.  Today, Frank is the Founder and Managing Director of two companies: Frankly Speaking and Thrive Financial Wellness.

Frankly Speaking

Frank is a proven business leader who is also a powerful speaker—not just a speaker who knows something about business! With over 20 years’ financial services experience across a range of products and markets, including C-suite experience, Frank is a seasoned business leader, entrepreneur and professional speaker who partners organisations to bring the best out of their people through Frankly Speaking, corporate & personal development specialists and Thrive Financial Wellness, employee financial education and wellness specialists.

Thrive Financial Wellness

Thrive makes money simpler. Using data and behavioural psychology Thrive provides proactive, personalised, holististic and independent Financial Education to reduce employee financial stress and improve employee Financial Wellness. Improved employee financial wellness leads to higher employee engagement, productivity and retention. With no products to sell or providers to push, Thrive’s clients have the confidence to work with the company and their employees, the reassurance that Thrive’s financial education is unbiased.

What is Financial Education?

Financial Education provides employees with information and guidance relating to their personal finances. It should cover employee benefits and money issues that extend outside the workplace such as managing day-to-day finances or dealing with debt. The aim of Financial Education is to provide the relevant skills and knowledge that enables all employees, regardless of age, wealth or lifestyle, to have control over their finances and thereby improve their Financial Wellness.

What is Financial Wellness?

A state of well-being where an individual has achieved the following:

  • Minimal financial stress
  • Spending less than they earn
  • Saving for emergencies and the future
  • Protection of income and assets from loss
  • Ongoing plans to secure their financial future
  • Relationship with money that fits their lifestyle and values