Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

At the Harvard Business School, I am staying at McArthur Hall, the Advanced Management Programme residential and classroom building. We are divided up into small groups of 8-9 participants, called Living Groups to facilitate the discussion of our business cases and learning.

The living groups are intentionally structured for maximum diversity among the participants based on participants’ country of origin and industry experience.The living groups recently went through living group acceleration exercises aimed at :

  • Creating a team environment that is characterised by mutual trust, respect and support
  • Sharing and exploring the strengths and experiences that each member brings to the living group
  • Developing a mutually agreed upon set of norms

I thoroughly enjoyed my living group’s exercises. The exercises gave me an opportunity to share experiences and connect with the members of my living group.

I share a living group with the following great people:

  • Vice President/General Manager(USA) at an Electronics company
  • President & Chief Executive Officer (USA) at an Energy company
  • Head of Funds Management (Australia) at an Investment Management company
  • Chief Executive Officer (France) at a Retailing company
  • Executive Vice President (Thailand) at a Commercial Bank
  • Group Chief Financial Officer (Singapore) at a Utilities company
  • Chief Executive Officer (Denmark) at a government Foundation