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By writing, speaking and commenting on financial planning, I strive to draw attention to one of the key pillars of financial planning – deferred consumption or savings. -Frank M

I hope that through my writing, speaking and commenting on financial planning, I can contribute to the development of a savings culture in South Africa. - Frank M

I believe that each and every one of us can do something to ensure that we start saving more. -Frank M

Frank M.

Change starts with people. It starts with me!

The Fishermen Broke My Heart

Though understated, the political implications of The Fishermen are hidden in plain sight. They are relevant for South Africa, which after two decades of independence is making wrong turns. As things fell apart for the Agwu family, I recalled one of my all-time favourite novels, Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.

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About Frank

Frank is a vivid storyteller. He puts his hard learned lessons as an unemployed and homeless young man, in the early 1990s in downtown Johannesburg into the context of any organization. His message is motivational, highly relevant, inspirational and, most importantly, actionable.

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